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High Quality Flyers and Brochures

High Quality Flyers and Brochures

Single Property Website

HDR Photography

Virtual Property Tours

Online Presence



Concierge Services

Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty is the only company in the market to have a full-time Marketing Department!

High Quality Brochures Cropped

High-Quality Flyers/Brochures

We start with a high-quality property brochure! Present your house to a prospect in the best light!

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Single Property Websites

We create single property websites for your house! This includes information about your home, photos of the home, and the video tour. We are driving buyers directly to your home, and not to another site where they can start to look at all the competition!


HDR Photography

We are the only brokerage in the market that provides HDR (high dynamic range) photography on all of our properties. This improves the quality of your listing and encourages buyers to want to see your home! Curb appeal matters!


Virtual Property Tours

At the time of your photography appointment, footage of your home will be captured and turned into a video tour with music! We will make 2 videos; One will be uploaded to YouTube, and a shorter one will be uploaded onto numerous other sites!

Online Presence Larger

Online Presence

Your video tour will be uploaded to Facebook and promoted with a "views" boost to reach an average of 1500+ consumers. An email with an electronic flyer will be sent out to a list of 1500 top producing agents in our area. This program will expose your house to over 10,000 additional people, that may not see it at any other brokerage!

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SellFast adds the final piece to the Puzzle! I put a text message sign on the for sale sign. When the buyer sees the outside of the house they can text the number and get a link to either the video of your house or the website for your house! When they do this, I get their phone number and can offer to show them your home! SellFast enables me to be the agent who gets there first and makes you the winner!

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